Jared Weintraub "Full Band EP"

Jared Weintraub
"Full Band EP"

CD review by Roger-Z (02/17/13)

Mix and match Justin Bieber's looks with John Mayer's voice and songwriting and you get a good picture of Jared Weintraub's talent. I recently had the privilege of featuring this precocious, young artist on the White Plains Cable/Internet show, "The Working Musician" (www.TheWorkingMusician.com). He accompanied himself on acoustic guitar and played all of the tunes off of "Full Band EP," his debut album. This recent University of Delaware graduate instantly mesmerized the camera crew, directors, and studio audience with his fervor and musical charisma. View the results yourself at WPCommunityMedia.org.

As the CD title suggests, "Full Band EP" features his group playing five original compositions. The musicians include Jared Weintraub (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Alex da Silva (bass), Alex Raderman (drums and percussion), Art "Ski" Halperin (banjo, guitar), Grant Fisher (lead/slide guitar), Nicole Scambia (backup vocals). Art Halperin produced and recorded the record, setting the vocals up front and center. The band provides an effective and sympathetic backdrop for the artist's "message."

On this effort, Weintraub tackles such disparate issues as love, positivity, and social injustice. "Angel/Devil" deals with the age old female dichotomy. "You looked like an angel. You had the Devil in your eye." "Why Won't It Rain" channels Eagle Eye Cherry's "Save Tonight" to describe the descent of a relationship. "Here we go again, pretending we can just be friends. We both know how this is gonna end. So why should we go through this again?" In the beautifully moving "Don't Be Afraid of Change," our hero stands behind a friend. "Don't be afraid of change. Nothing ever can stay the same. I'll be right here always. When you need a hand to hold and the world around feels cold, don't hesitate to call my name." The upbeat message continues with the island beat of "Positivity. "If I am to sit at a desk pushing papers after four hours of rest, I'll do it with a smile cause every day's worthwhile." In the anthemic "Stand Up," Weintraub urges us to effect change. "Stand up if you want to make a difference. Stand up if you want to make a change. Stand up cause the longer that you sit there the more the world will stay the same."

On "Full Band EP," Jared Weintraub spreads his youthful vigor with cheer and compassion. A very promising debut from a man destined to make a dent!

2013 Roger-Z